Opti-coat history


Optimum Polymer Technologies, the manufacturer of Optimum Car Care Products, was founded in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 01, 2001 by Dr. David Ghodoussi. Prior to this, Dr. Ghodoussi worked for over 12 years as an Organic Chemist overseeing research and development focused in polymers and automotive paint formulations.

Dr. Ghodoussi received his Ph.D. and Master's degrees in Polymer and Organic Chemistry from Oregon State University and his MBA from University of Memphis. He also holds Bachelor's of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Chemistry from the University of California in Santa Barbara.

Why we started: 

Owner and operator, Robin Barkdull of All-N-1 Detail realized a huge demand for proper coatings in the industry.  All-N-1 known for its quality of work and only providing the best detailing solutions for his customers, he knew partnering with Opti-Coat was the best solution. AND...Paint Coatings Indy was born...

When I Hear a “wow” followed by “it looks better than new,” I know the customer is happy!
— robin barkdull, owner/operator

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