Protect Your Car Against The Elements

Nothing is worse than getting home after a long winter day and seeing your beautiful car covered in filthy road salt. This is the sad reality we must deal with through long Indiana winters. But, what you may not know is that salt not only looks bad, it is actually damaging your vehicle. Salt is corrosive and a natural enemy to metal. It wreaks havoc on cars undercarriage of vehicles, particularly the muffler and frame of the car. It can also cause paint to wear off and rust through. Too much exposure to this damaging salt will cause premature deterioration as well as unsightly rust spots, which will necessitate costly repairs.

In the war against salt, there is one weapon you have at your disposal. The associates at Paint Coatings Indy can remove that damaging salt in no time. But removing the salt is only one part of the equation. In order to protect your car from future damage, you can ask the crew at Paint Coatings Indy about Opti-Coat. Opti-Coat is a permanent and hard wearing clear coating that chemically bonds to the factory paint and offers superior resistance to not only salt, but scratching as well. You can drop off your car at Paint Coatings Indy and when you pick it up, your car will be shining like a new penny. We are a certified and authorized installer of Opti-Coat Pro products, which means you won’t find this type of service just anywhere; there are only a handful of certified pro installers in the country. We apply all of our coating products by hand, which insures maximum thickness. You can select from a range of packages to get your vehicle in top condition. Packages range from an entry level Gloss Coat with a 2-year warranty up to a 7-year Pro Plus warranty product. Opti-Coat offers more than just exterior. The “ultimate package” offers complete coverage for both interior and exterior. Opti-Guard protects the inside surfaces of the car. It can be applied to leather, vinyl, plastic or carpet, offering protection from future damage. Cleaning up spills will be a breeze after applying Opti-Guard. We also offers Opti-Glass, a super hydrophobic application that makes rain and moisture roll right off the windshield. The Opti-Coat products from Optimum Polymer Technologies can make your vehicle shine like new or in many instances, better than new.

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