Factory Clear Coat Vs. Opti-Coat

The right clear coat can protect your car from environmental damage and scratches, enhance your car's shine, and help your car maintain that "just driven off the lot" look and feel for years. The advancement in coating systems have really changed the game in comparison to what comes standard on your vehicle today.  

It's important to know the difference between a factory clear coat versus an enhanced clear coat, like Opti-Coat......

 Wax On Top Of "Factory Clear Coat." 

Wax On Top Of "Factory Clear Coat." 

Wax On Top Of This Factory Clear Coat Still Has The Water Beading, Which Actually Can Be Harmful To Your Paint Due To Water Beads Collecting Dirt and Other Environmental Factors. 

 After Opti-Coat Is Applied.

After Opti-Coat Is Applied.

Water Slides Right Off The Car With Opti-Coat Applied. Avoiding All The Dirt and Other Environmental Factors That Cause Harm To Your Vehicles Over Time. 

Factory Clear Coat Pros and Cons

These days, most cars come with factory clear coats that protect the car from UV exposure, scratches, and environmental damage. Yet a clear coat isn't maintenance free. To keep your car looking its best over time, you will still need to wax it. 

Factory clear coats break down over time, developing whitish or cloudy patches on the car. Causes of clear coat failure include poor maintenance, UV exposure, and excess clear coat thinning in the factory. 

Opti-Coat Pros and Cons

Unlike factory clear coat, Opti-Coat will not break down over time. You'll pay up front once for a permanent, ceramic-based clear coat that protects your car for for years (depending on what application) and YOU'LL NEVER WAX YOUR VEHICLE AGAIN! If you want to resell your car, you can command a higher price because the exterior paint job looks as good as new. 

This special coating is 100 times as thick as a typical clear coat, so it's able to repel that much more damage from rocks, bird droppings, ice, and more. Additionally, Opti-Coat naturally repels water, which makes your car easier to clean. If you have ever gotten into a supermarket fender bender and noticed a scratch in your clear coat, Opti-Coat can offer your car more protection from these types of scratches. 

If you're interested in Opti-Coat, the application process is seamless, but has to be applied by a certified Opti-Coat installer. Since it goes on right over the existing clear coat, our certified team will clean and touch up your car's paint before applying this ceramic coating. After a 12-hour curing period, your car is safe to drive. The applied coating will keep hardening for a 30-day period, after which point it is fully cured and will fully protect your car. 

Are you interested in getting Opti-Coat?