What Jim Irsay Could Learn From Opti-Coat

As the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay has been having a rough couple of months to say the least. In week six, the colts suffered an overtime loss to the Houston Texans and he's also been the subject of public embarrassment when a Hall of Fame Game had to be canceled when his field couldn't be properly painted in time.

If you had to make a list of all the key sources of information Jim Irsay needs to be paying attention to right now, Opti-Coat probably wouldn't make your list. It absolutely should, however, for a number of interesting reasons.

 Photo Credit- Indianapolis Star

Photo Credit-Indianapolis Star

Build on What You Have

There are a certain segment of Monday Morning Quarterbacks out there who believe Jim Irsay is trying to do too much, too quickly - leading to the issues he's now suffering. In that regard, the number one lesson he can learn from Opti-Coat is the old saying of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Opti-Coat Pro Plus, for example, didn't completely throw out the old Opti-Coat Pro formula. It enhanced it. It used the same chemical structure that has always worked as a solid foundation through which to build everything else on top of it. The newest versions of Opti-Coat deliver more gloss and slickness than any previous version, but at the same time it still offers the superior resistance to things like fading, scratching and chemical etching that it always has.

Never Rest on Your Laurels

Another important lesson that Jim Irsay could learn from Opti-Coat is the idea that you can NEVER "do enough" to please your customers. Opti-Coat was already an industry leading product - it didn't have to continue to innovate and push boundaries the way it has in recent years. It could have sat back and rested on that solid reputation, offering a product that was "good enough" for the forseeable future.

But it didn't. The makers of Opti-Coat continued to push boundaries, offer a superior product and were rewarded for it. Let's hope Jim Irsay is paying attention.

 Ultimate Protection and Shine Rest In These Tubes! Schedule Your Vehicle Today! PH:  317-644-0813

Ultimate Protection and Shine Rest In These Tubes! Schedule Your Vehicle Today! PH: 317-644-0813

Opti-Coat didn't throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, and instead elected to keep everything that was working and use it as a basis for innovation. For the sake of football fans in and around the Indianapolis area, let's hope that Jim Irsay does the same.

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