Opti-Coat Pro is a leading option to preserve your investment while requiring less long-term maintenance.

  • The ceramic, clear coat offers superior resistance to scuffing and scratching, safeguarding your automobile’s surface.
  • The advanced formula contains a pre-polymer cross linking process, guaranteeing continuous protection via a highly durable film.
  • Similar to isocyanate, its contents present a clear coat finish, securing superior chemical resistance, mar resistance and scratch resistance.

How it works:

  • Each coat similarly offers a Never Wax Again solution in its long-term protection.
  • Paint coatings are sealed away by the high-tech application's bonding solution, creating a permanent addition to your vehicle’s overall paint. Securing paint protection via its clear-coat chemical bonds, the product enters a self-leveling settling process.
  • Any high spots, manually leveled by a technician, meet a vehicle’s low areas to ensure a fully even coat.
  • Within 30 minutes, the solution is dry and complete. Far more than a paint protection wax, nano-coating or sealant, Opti-Coat Pro protects a vehicle’s surface for up to 5 years.

see some vehicles we've APPLIED the Opti-coat pro system: 

The paint coating layer, similarly, is 100 times thicker than leading paint protection products. Capable of absorbing damage, the high-grade protective formula is a fantastic option for luxury car enthusiasts keen on securing their investment. Each application preserves a vehicle’s true integrity, encasing original designs, paint sheen and coloration behind a highly durable, easily administrable application.  

Ensure your vehicle’s pristine appearance for years to come.