Opti-Coat Pro+, offers some of the world’s highest-grade protection options while ensuring year-to-year sheen.



-delivers durability unmatched in the industry- 

Preserve your investment, and take charge with the application’s extreme resilience to industrial, chemical and ultraviolet exposure. Requiring significantly less long-term maintenance than other solutions, Opti-Coat Pro+ achieves excellence via a hydrophobic, non-porous surface.

PRO+ Benefits:

  • The product’s thickness ensures enhanced durability for up to 7 years.
  • Deflecting water sheets, ensures total departure from chemical etching, scratching and fading.
  • Protective against UV's, this system guarantees long-term protection from sun damage.
  • This coating system enhances a vehicle’s shine, locking away paint coatings to prevent dulling. 
I was absolutely thrilled and a 100% satisfied with the Opti-Coat Pro Plus Package they applied to my 2014 Stingray. The staff there are very personable and I really enjoyed meeting all of them. I highly recommend this company for your car detailing needs!
— James Meiser
 James Meiser's 2014 Stingray

James Meiser's 2014 Stingray

see some vehicles we've applied the Opti-Coat Pro Plus System: 

Paint protection has never been this high-tech, and each application enhances polished surfaces to exact a beautiful shine. Whether you’re a day-to-day town traveler or a luxury enthusiast, Opti-Coat Pro+ is the answer. Designed by years of intelligent research, the application’s contents are derived from top-industry chemical formulas and long-lasting materials. Increase your investment’s resistance to abrasions, chemical marks and age, and replace wear-and-tear symptoms with persistent, crystal-clear surfaces.

Every year, the long-perfected formula generates a timeless sheen alongside an innovative touch.