Opti-Guard Leather secures less long-term maintenance while ensuring year-to-year sheen, durability and sustainability.


  • Creating a maximum protection layer, the advanced formula generates a hydrophobic coating immediately upon application.
  • Concentrated with UV absorbers, the coating preserves your investment immediately by safeguarding your vehicle’s dashboard and leather seats from premature discoloration, cracking and aging.
  • Offsetting color transfer, staining and yearly wear-and-tear, the formula effectively locks in each leather seat’s finer qualities, sustaining a great appearance.


Upon application, the high-tech coating provides quick-acting chemical resistance. An acrylic hybrid resin, Opti-Guard Leather creates a strong, flexible solution for soft and tough surfaces alike. High chemical resistance ensures protection against humidity at every turn. The premier coating contains high-grade matting agents, maintaining your vehicle’s factory appearance live you've never seen. All leather and vinyl surfaces are impacted by the resin’s comprehensive touch, ensuring total absorption with a single application.


Opti-Guard Leather is a year-to-year solution for luxury, used and recently purchased vehicles alike. Guaranteed to provide constant sustainability, the coating’s innovative design ensures factory-level appearances across many years.

Heighten your vehicle’s appearance, protect its interior and safeguard the cabin from sunlight, harsh weather and age fatigue.