Opti-Lens is one of the world’s leading advanced polymer systems designed to protect all lenses on your vehicle. 


 great protection for headlights and all lenses! 

great protection for headlights and all lenses! 

  • Constructed to preserve your investment, the high-tech treatment contains a combination of acrylic resin and ceramic resin to ensure maximum bonding and long-term durability.

  • Once applied, the formula works immediately. Little follow-up time is required to ensure maximized bonding and secure application.

  • Accessible to luxury and generic models alike, the advanced coating secures every angle expertly, safeguarding quality at every turn.

does it last?

Polycarbonate and acrylic lenses deserve advanced formulas, and the wipe-on design requires less long-term maintenance than leading alternatives.

The coating ensures:

  • High UV absorber levels-high UV protection 
  • No fading and sheen loss across your automobile’s headlight lenses 
  • Each application procures enough concentrated solution to secure coverage on five to six headlight sets 
  • A long-lasting film capable of generating years of protection

Opti-Lens creates a permanent surface bond, and it is only removable by paint and polishing removers. Increase resale value by adding additional coats annually, or highlight each headlight’s maximum sheen with a single coat. Leaving little excess, this lens coating system ensures total protection without the mess. Hybrid protection systems have never been so easy.  LET US HELP!